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We are Front Infratel Pvt. Ltd. We are working in telecom & Security sector Since 2020 onwards. Front Infratel is a leader in Telecom Industry for both Active & Passive infrastructure projects. With its footprint in 7 Telecom circles. Front Infratel has a strong and dedicated workforce of over 100 Professionals Engineers. Front Infratel provides all kinds of solutions to the Telecom Sector. Currently operating in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, HP, JK, Rajasthan, &UP . We have rich experience of doing over 200 Passive Infra Sites as a TSP, 300 Active Infra Sites & Project Management of over 500 sites.


  • Presence in 7 states covering over 25% of the country.
  • Professionally managed company with a strong & dedicated workforce of over 500 persons.
  • Rich & versatile experience in telecommunication infrastructure since over 5 years.
  • High financial strength. Join a fafafa slot machine games.


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